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Every year the Muskoka Foundation runs photography workshops with youths in our partner communities spread across the planet. Our volunteer travelers deliver the digital cameras, printers and supplies donated by the foundation, together with 1 week of their time to teach the kids the basics of photography and expressing themselves through imagery.
The results of those workshops are then printed in annual calendars to share with you and yours. 100% of the proceeds above costs from the $12 calendar sales are sent directly back to the youths and/or their communities. We welcome any donations above $12, with the commitment that 100% of those funds will also be sent.

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2012 Annual Calendars:

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2012 Nature Calendar

For this year's calendar, we worked with our youth around the world to connect with nature and the environment in their own communities.  We then ran a photo competition with a twist; all the images chosen to appear in the 2012 nature calendar were chosen by the most number of "likes" on Facebook!  See all the entries and voting outcomes on The Muskoka Facebook here.  100% of all proceeds above printing and shipping go back to the communtiies!

2012 Nature Calendar



Prior Year's



Guanajuato Calendar

2011 Calendar

Buen Pastor Girls Shelter- Guanajuato, Mexico
For 104 years, the nuns of the Buen Pastor shelter in Guanajuato, Mexico have been providing a safe and caring environment for girls from the area. This year the Muskoka Foundation worked with 5 of the girls to create the wonderful images of this beautiful city, that you see in this calendar.



Songhees Calendar

2011 Calendar

Songhees Nation - Victoria, BC, Canada
The lands around Victoria's Inner Harbour have been occupied by the cedar houses of the Songhees for over 4,000 years. It is now up to the youth of this small First Nations community to define their future. The Muskoka Foundation's Photography Workshop provided the Songhees youth with a voice to express their ideas through images.

Los Angeles - Calendar

2011 Calendar

Para Los Ninos - Los Angeles, California, USA
When most people think of "L.A" the image that comes to mind is probably not the images captured by this group of Latina girls attending Para Los Niños, an after-school program facility located near Skid Row. But, the fact is they are a part of the vibrant, intelligent, creative force that makes L.A. the incredible city it is. This 2011 calendar will show you The City, through their eyes.

Chinle - Calendar

2011 Calendar

Navajo / Diné Nation - Chinle, Arizona, USA
This 2011 Calendar contains beautiful views of the Canyon de'Chelly and the arid Navajo lands surrounding Chinle. The group of boys from Chinle Junior High School started the Muskoka Photography program unsure of why they were there. By the end of the week they were creating images, and didn't want to leave.

Rwanda - Calendar

2009 Calendar

Kagugu School - Kigali,Rwanda             

These photos were taken by the orphans of Rwanda's terrible 1994 genocide and HIV epidemic. The children's images provide a fascinating inside into their difficult living conditions and how they are thriving despite them.




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Where your money goes...

When you buy one of these calendars, you are helping the youths in the Muskoka Communities to earn an income, as well as pride and respect. You are providing a hand up, not a hand out.
Here's where your $12 goes:

Pie Chart of where your money goes

As an organisation, we do not keep 1¢ of your $12. However, we are reliant upon some external companies who charge us for things like printing the calendars and processesing credit cards, etc.
If you have any corporate connections that you think might be interested in supporting our future efforts, please let us know.