The Vehicles

Part of the idea of The Muskoka Foundation is to empower people to get out into the field and start making a difference. But of course, not everybody has an Overland Vehicle ready to go, so we've created the Muskoka Foundation Fleet:

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The Eco-Roamer is the world's first open-source, eco-friendly, family-sized, 4x4 Round The World Expedition Vehicle. Made entirely of recycled and sustainable materials, it runs on Bio-Diesel and Solar Power, yet has three fully enclosed bedrooms and is capable of transporting up to seven people comfortably anywhere on the planet.

We are offering the plans for the EcoRoamer completely free to anyone who wishes to build their own, or you can buy a fully assembled one on a non-profit basis through the foundation at less than half the price of a comparable off-the-shelf vehicle.

You can learn more about the EcoRoamer at

If you are interested in seeing an EcoRoamer, or possibly building/buying your own, please contact us!



The Eco-Roamer Trailers are a (growing) fleet of incredibly robust off-road camper trailers available on loan for FREE, to anyone who is willing to travel to one of the Muskoka Villages and volunteer 1 week out of 6 doing one of our programs.

Build upon the Adventure Trailers Horizon platform, these trailers have been tested everywhere from the Arctic snow to the tropical jungles of Central America. Equipped not only with the usual camping equipment, the EcoRoamer Trailers have dedicated cargo capacity for development materials (eg: Kids Soccer equipment, portable vMBA classrooms, etc.)

If you are interested in borrowing one of our trailers for an adventure of your own, please contact us!